The Twins!

Twintinnabulous Introductions

On January 13, 2015, two special little twins were born.

Their names are Ezra and Eleanor, my adorable little siblings! Over the past two years, these twins have been delightful, amusing, and adorable! They’ve made us laugh so many times with their antics, I thought it would be fun to start posting their funniest stories. But before I do that, they need a proper introduction.

Ezra Douglas

 Cuter than could be, Ezra is currently challenging his older brother Sam for the place of family jester. He loves lots of things. Food, chess (as seen in the picture), violin, piano, skiing, giraffes, cooking, reading, tractors, the list goes on and on. His unique love of food, which has lead to many mishaps, is specifically amusing, as Ezra has a tendency to gnaw on loaves of bread, pizzas, and more. He’s an energetic bundle of joy and goofiness, and an adorable little brother!

Eleanor Anne

Rivaling her twin for cuteness, Eleanor is undoubtedly the ‘mother’ of our family. If Ezra is crying, she brings him his special Giraffe, if someone is working in the kitchen, she pulls up a chair to help (as seen in the picture), and sweeping the floor is one of her favorite pastimes. But she’s just as outgoing as her brother, and loves just as many things as he does. Playing outside, tractors, reading, playing violin, the color pink, skiing, bunnies, and on and on and on. Cute, bunny-loving, and funny, she is a wonderful baby sister!


You probably don’t know what that word means, which would make sense considering it isn’t really a word. However, you’ve probably heard the word ‘tintinnabulation’, which means the sounds of bells.

Now, as anyone who’s ever lived with babies will know that they are very noisy. And two babies are even noisier. So,  several months ago, mom came up with the brilliant term ‘twintinnabulation’, meaning ‘the sound of twins’.  Therefor, if you were wondering why in the world I’m calling these funny stories Twintinnabulations, there is your answer!

Well, now that you know their names and a bit of their personalities, why not head over to Twintinnabulation to read about their funny antics?! Until next time,

Julia Elizabeth