In Which The Twins Are Cute and My Family Is Funny

Making this post was incredibly hard. Not because of lack of stories about the twins… but because I couldn’t pick just two funny pictures of them. Then I got a brilliant idea. I picked more than one picture to put in this post. Aren’t I clever? (sarcasm alert)

Funny Faces…

Some funny things simply can’t be described in words. That’s generally when pictures come in handy, and it turns out that this is one of those instances. The twins are ridiculously cute, but sometimes their cuteness is too funny for words. Hopefully these next few pictures help elaborate upon their cuteness.

Dress up! Ellie found this wig at Oma’s house, and decided to try it on. Personally, I think the frizzy orange hair look really suits her.

Snuggle time! Ezra with his special teddies. He’s got his Tituses (the three or so giraffe stuffies he always carries about), ‘Turtle,’ ‘Blankie,’ and a random horse…

Photo bombing bunny. I was trying to take a picture of Ellie here, but Bunny decided she wanted to be the star for once.

Goofball #1. I’m not even sure what to put here…

Goofball #2. When Bunny isn’t photo bombing, this is generally Eleanor’s camera face.

… And Funny Family…

The twins aren’t the only amusing ones in this family. We’ve all had our amazingly funny moments, and here are a few of them:

Watching Lord of the Rings as a family:

In the movie: Faramir and Eowyn talk for the first time and end up holding hands.

Dad: Your first conversation with someone should not end in holding hands and nuzzling your head into their shoulder.

Me: *laughs*

Little siblings: Huh?


While I’m jokingly threatening to throw a cauliflower at my brother…

Me: *threateningly* I still have the cauliflower.

Brother: Just do it! The suspension is killing me!

My parents and me: *burst out laughing*

Brother: What?

…And More Cuteness from the Twins

Pumpkin picking. Mercy (the twins’ older sister/my younger sister) decided to lead them in a game of…. I don’t even know what that would be called.

Superstars! Oh look! The twins are celebrities now!

Science Class. They might be two, but who says the twins can’t do school work? We read about trees, then planted some dill together.

The (mini) Piano Guys! Sure, Ezra is using a violin instead of a cello, but it works, right?

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