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    Talented… or just persistent?

    Revealing the Popular Misconception known as ‘Talent.’ I sit at the table, sketching. My fingers smudge the graphite, turning the simple sketch into an actually somewhat acceptable drawing. Someone comes up behind me, looking over my shoulder at the picture. “Wow.” They say, admiring the horse I’ve drawn, awe and longing filling their voice. “You’re so talented.” I force myself to keep from facepalming and smile placidly. “Thanks.” They nod, continuing on down the table, and I sigh. Gritting my teeth in frustration, I grip my pencil, now wishing I’d thought to take the time to give them a lecture on my so-called ‘talent.’

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    Greetings, Fellow Inhabitants of the Internet

    Wow. I’ve been putting this off for far too long. Looks like I need to write my first blog post. But what to write? It’s not like I can just record my thoughts. Well. Hi, fellow inhabitants of the internet. I’m Julia, and this is my blog where I will write stuff. Enjoy. Hmm… no. That’s too unenthusiastic. How about this: Hi, everybody!! I’m Jules, a young writer, and I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! Welcome to my blog, where I’m going to write- No, that doesn’t work either. Too many exclamation marks. Let’s try this… Hello, people. I’m Julia, a young author who- Grrr! No, it’s not working. Why…

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