• Ezra - Twin Number One

    Of Groceries, Music, and Africa

    I’m here, again, with more funny stories from the twins! There are so many stories I could write about them… but I’m just going to do three of them today. First off… Little Cuties – Groceries The twins are adorable little helpers. They love doing stuff around the house, from ‘washing’ the dishes and setting the table to sweeping the floor and folding laundry. So it’s only natural for them to help us unload the groceries. They’ve done it multiple times, helping us drag the grocery bags into the kitchen. However, one day, as we were bringing in groceries, I came into the kitchen to find the twins seated beside…

  • Loopholes and Rice

    Of Rice, Loopholes, and the Color Pink

    Yay! I’m writing my first twintinnabulation story. What fun. Well, this week the twins have been their typical bundles of joy and laughter. Here are several ways they’ve made us laugh… Loopholes and Rice… yum! My first story starts during dinner last night. We were sitting at the table, eating rice and vegetables, when Ezra asked for milk. Of course, we all knew that he just wanted it so that he could dump it into his rice. However, mom got both him and Eleanor a small cup of rice, making sure to tell Ezra┬ánot to dump it into his soup. We continued on with dinner, only for me to look…