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    Fireworks – Guest Post by Bella B.

    *squeals in excitement* Just in case that wasn’t enough of a cue, I’m very excited for this post. Not because of my continued consistency (even though I managed to be consist despite my computer crashing today!!). Actually, I’m excited about this because it’s a short story written by my friend Bella B. She’s a fellow young writer passionate about writing for the Lord. This story is about two of the main characters from her current dystopian work-in-progress, and is absolutely adorable! (= – – – Cody sat expectantly at the edge of his bed, trying to hold his excitement down as he forced himself to wait a few more moments…

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    No Ordinary Youth Part 3! (youth group with superheroes)

    *waves wildly to get your attention, jumping up and down in excitement*¬†Guess what?? This is my- (wait a second, I need to go count to make sure I’ve got this right) -fifth consistent post in a row!! I feel so proud of myself… 😂 This also happens to be the third (and finally last) part of my youth-group-with-superheroes story! You can find the first part here, and the second part over here. Now… enjoy the story! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it at the end. – – – I lasted almost until the end of the second round, though eventually Maddison caught up with and tagged me. The…

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