• How music can influence us
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    Listen Deeper – Are you really hearing your favorite songs?

    It’s just music… right? As you hopefully remember (since it was just a few days ago), I just wrote about how fiction can influence and teach us. But books aren’t the only type of media that can influence what we think and believe, and I’d hate to leave music out of that. After all, music can be just as, if not more, influential than books. For while books attempt to influence and instruct us through a fictional but realistic character arc and theme, music goes outright and (for the most part) tells us exactly what they want us to think and believe. Through creatively written lyrics, notes, and chords, song…

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  • Reflecting on Steady Me by Hollyn
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    Just Wait – Reflecting on ‘Steady Me’ by Hollyn

    Only you know how to steady me Ready my heart for everything that’s coming my way Help me trust that you’re ahead of me Going before my feet with every step I take ┬áThese are the opening words to Steady Me, an encouraging song by popular Christian singer Hollyn. I first heard them a few days ago, when a friend and I went to a nearby concert starring Hollyn. The words of this song spoke so deeply to me, a beautiful reminder that sometimes we just need to stop the go, go, go of everyday life, step back, and allow Christ to steady us. ┬áThis song moved me so much,…