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    Fireworks – Guest Post by Bella B.

    *squeals in excitement* Just in case that wasn’t enough of a cue, I’m very excited for this post. Not because of my continued consistency (even though I managed to be consist despite my computer crashing today!!). Actually, I’m excited about this because it’s a short story written by my friend Bella B. She’s a fellow young writer passionate about writing for the Lord. This story is about two of the main characters from her current dystopian work-in-progress, and is absolutely adorable! (= – – – Cody sat expectantly at the edge of his bed, trying to hold his excitement down as he forced himself to wait a few more moments…

  • Interview with an Immortal

    Interview with an Immortal

    Well, this weeks post is going to be slightly different than usual. Instead of an informative or encouraging post, I’ve written up an interview between a fictional young author and an immortal warrior (also fictional). The immortal warrior in the interview is in fact one of the main characters in my current novel, and this is my version of a ‘character interview’ to get you all acquainted with one of my characters 😉 So, without further ado, here’s this week’s post!   The Timeless Periodical   Hello again, dear readers. Yep, it’s me, Alessandra Ash, your favourite young journalist for the Timeless. This week has been incredibly eventful. I wandered…

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    ‘Where Courage Calls’ – Lessons From Fiction

    I enjoyed this book. That came as a large surprise, to both me and my family. Generally, I’m rather skeptical of romance novels. I find their lack of battles, epic magic systems, and awesome weapons disturbing. But I must say that I truly enjoyed ‘Where Courage Calls’ by Janette Oke and her daughter Laurel Oke Logan. The characters were intriguing, the plot drew me in, and I was delighted to discover that, although it is indeed a romance, this story has its own bits of mystery, intrigue, and adventure. I would recommend it to anyone looking to read an interesting, thoughtful, and well-crafted book. Now, as I explained in my…

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    Prologue ( which translates to “Teaser” which translates to “I am evil” )

    Well, here’s the first little bit from My-Story-That-Doesn’t-Currently-Have-A-Title. I hope you enjoy! Prologue A fire flickered in the grate, slowly dying, barely lighting the small room. The one window set in the wall let in no light, for its wooden shutters were closed against the impending dark. Although two chairs sat close to the fire, the only to occupants of the dim room stood. They faced each other, faces partially shadowed, neither speaking as a tense silence filled the room.