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    Did You Know That Authors Are Influencing Your Thoughts?

    Sound crazy? It’s also been reality since people started writing. … so maybe I was joking about the authors being evil. This isn’t a conspiracy theory blog after all. Even if we enjoy torturing readers and smashing their hopes at the last second, I so far haven’t come across any authors who actually want to destroy the world. However, authors do have an almost disturbing amount of control over what we think and do. Don’t believe me? Keep reading! Some people love pretending that they’re purely logical. They’ll act like Sherlock Holmes, never getting riled up, often acting emotionless and impassive. Other people are the drama queen of drama queens. They get emotional at…

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    By the Book – Fiction Influencing Our Lives

    Books… More Than An Indulgence? I love books. This (hopefully) won’t come as a surprise, since one of my many goals is to become a published author. However, I feel that often books are simply regarded as pleasure. Something to fill up our spare time with, or to use as an escape from the craziness of the stranger-than-fiction thing we call ‘real life’. Yet this couldn’t be more incorrect! Books are so much more than a simple pleasure or escape from life. They are supposed to be beautifully crafted pieces of art written to both delight our sense of adventure as well as teach us valuable things about the world,…

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    Best Fiction Books I’ve Read

    Well, hello again peoples of the internet! I’m glad you decided to read this. For the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been quite random with my blog posts, posting something and then completely forgetting about it.  That’s all about to change. I’m working on a blog schedule, so you shall be getting weekly posts from me, along with occasional but random character art and fictional stories! Anyways, now that I’ve updated you, on to the post! This list is full of some of my favorite fiction books I’ve read over the past few years. They all teach wonderful lessons, and have been crafted incredibly well. Note that…