Loopholes and Rice

Of Rice, Loopholes, and the Color Pink

Yay! I’m writing my first twintinnabulation story. What fun. Well, this week the twins have been their typical bundles of joy and laughter. Here are several ways they’ve made us laugh…

Loopholes and Rice… yum!

My first story starts during dinner last night. We were sitting at the table, eating rice and vegetables, when Ezra asked for milk. Of course, we all knew that he just wanted it so that he could dump it into his rice. However, mom got both him and Eleanor a small cup of rice, making sure to tell Ezra not to dump it into his soup.

We continued on with dinner, only for me to look up and find Ezra, not dumping milk into his soup, but dumping soup into his milk. This, of course, made us all laugh.

“Well, it appears he’s good at finding loopholes.” I commented, to which everyone agreed.

Including Ezra, it appears,  for after I said that, he immediately shouted “I find my loopholes!!”

 Well, that’s the first of my silly twin stories. Ready for the next?

No, I’m pink!

Now, before I tell you this silly story, you’ll need to understand something. Little Ellie loves the color pink. Any time she sees something pink, she is sure to tell us all with a very high pitched squeal of ‘Piiiinnnk!!’ So one day, as I was reading a story to the twins, I asked Eleanor if her favorite color was pink.

“Yes!” She replied happily. “I pink!”

At least, that was what I managed to gather from her confusing speech. My little sister has a love of speaking in her own dialect, with just a few recognizable words. At hearing this, Ezra piped up, saying, “I pink!”

“No, Ezra red.” Eleanor replied, most likely thinking about the red jacket that Ezra wears when going outside.

Of course, this got Ezra annoyed.

“No I pink!”

“Nooo, I pink!”

“No, I piiink!”

Their conversation went on like that for a while, escalating into a rather heated argument, until I managed to get them to calm down. Then, very concerned, Ezra brought his little Giraffe stuffy over to me, asking, “Giraffe pink?”

To which I had to crush his hopes and tell him that Giraffe was yellow and orange.

“I yellow.” Ezra immediately decided, causing me to burst into laughter.

There you are! Two silly stories from two silly twins!


  • Susan

    Ba ha ha ha! Oh dear, I am so glad that you are cataloguing these stories for us to enjoy. 🙂

    • Julia Elizabeth

      😉 I’ve got another one coming, detailing some more of the twinsies’ adorable stories!

  • Debbie

    Hi Julia- I have worked with your Dad at Cogeco for many years. It has been some time since I have seen you and your Mom- but I saw you both yesterday going in to the Superstore. I cannot believe how you have grown and matured in to such a beautiful story teller. Your words are delightful to read and your stories are so cute.. I can only imagine how proud your parents must be of the fine young lady you have become and the admire the inspiration you give to young writers as well as your siblings with each story you tell.

    • Julia Elizabeth

      Thank you!! I’m so glad that I can encourage, inspire, and amuse people with my stories!!