Ezra - Twin Number One

Of Groceries, Music, and Africa

I’m here, again, with more funny stories from the twins! There are so many stories I could write about them… but I’m just going to do three of them today.

First off…

Little Cuties – Groceries

The twins are adorable little helpers. They love doing stuff around the house, from ‘washing’ the dishes and setting the table to sweeping the floor and folding laundry. So it’s only natural for them to help us unload the groceries. They’ve done it multiple times, helping us drag the grocery bags into the kitchen.

However, one day, as we were bringing in groceries, I came into the kitchen to find the twins seated beside one of the grocery bags, happily snacking on several leaves of kale. As you can imagine, we’ve been a bit more careful letting them unload groceries after that.

Ellie - Twin Number Two


Picky Listeners

The twins love music. They’ve been trying to play the piano basically since they could sit up straight, and they absolutely love it when any of us practice music. (Other than mom, that is. Whenever she sits down to play cello, Ellie run into the room crying and asking mom to hold her, not the cello.)

Therefor, you’d think that they’d love listening to the radio. However, the twins do not. Unless we put on classical music, they immediately tell us that they are all done music. It’s quite cute, but also rather perplexing. The Christian music station, the country music station, anything other than classical music, they don’t want to listen to.

The best part of all of this, however, is that once, they actually let us listen to the radio, but only when Toby Mac ‘s music was playing. After that song, Ezra proudly declared, “I like dat guy,” solidifying my belief that the twins have good music taste. Either that, or they’re just really picky.


Let’s drive to Africa

Ezra loves giraffes. His special stuffed animal is a giraffe, and he’s found several more toy giraffes to add to his collection. He is completely obsessed with them, and elephants. Now, one day, as mom was playing with the twins outside, she suggested that they sit really quietly so that they can see some animals.

“We see elephants and giraffes?” Ezzie immediately asked.

“Well, no, elephants live in Africa.” Mom explained.

With complete seriousness, Ezra replied, “We go in car, drive to Africa?” causing lots of laughter all around.