My Writing!

I’m a writer, as those of you who’ve read my introductions page or simply visited this blog a lot will already know. However, I doubt many of you know what I’m writing. And that’s what this page is for!

Immortalized – Fantasy Novel!!

This book is my current favorite to write. Although I’m not super far into it, I’ve been plotting it out for months and I’m incredibly excited to be writing it.

Here’s the summary:

Rhya lives on Immortalis, a world of dangerous wilds and very little law, where the only justice comes from a group of immortal warriors who break the law just as often as they punish lawbreakers. Rhya has been a part of these warriors for millennia, and is fully devoted to protecting her word… until she finds herself stranded on a completely different planet, alone and confused.

Ava’s life was the definition of normal, boring, and totally uninteresting. That all came to a screeching halt, however, when she started to get visions of the future. After days of being plagued by the dreams, she sets out to find “Rhya,” a strange girl who seems to have a connection to Ava’s confusing predicament.

Drawn together by their troubles, these two set out to help one another succeed, but end up getting pulled into a struggle that will challenge their loyalty, morality, and bravery, a struggle with the fates of two worlds hanging in the balance.


Generous Savior, Generous Living – Advent Devotional

This isn’t a fantasy novel as my other two current projects are. Instead, this book is a month-long devotional for December that revolves around the concept of giving generously what we have been given. So often the focus at Christmastime is getting presents. We wait for the excitement of opening our gifts, of getting our presents. In this devotional, I aim to encourage families to give generously through the Christmas season, and to focus on the joy of others, not just our personal happiness.


These three books are my current projects, stories I’ve sent weeks planning, imagining, and writing. They are far from perfect, and will need to be revised many times before I’m willing to let the world see them. However, I’ve spent hours working them out, and I hope that, one day, when they’re published, you’ll be one of those who eagerly reads them!

Until next time,

– Julia Elizabeth