Reflecting on Steady Me by Hollyn
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Just Wait – Reflecting on ‘Steady Me’ by Hollyn

Only you know how to steady me
Ready my heart for everything that’s coming my way
Help me trust that you’re ahead of me
Going before my feet with every step I take

 These are the opening words to Steady Me, an encouraging song by popular Christian singer Hollyn. I first heard them a few days ago, when a friend and I went to a nearby concert starring Hollyn. The words of this song spoke so deeply to me, a beautiful reminder that sometimes we just need to stop the go, go, go of everyday life, step back, and allow Christ to steady us.

 This song moved me so much, I have decided to do this week’s Fictional Reflection on it. So settle down, grab a cup of coffee or (even better) a mug of tea, wrap up in a warm blanket, and come read about Steady Me by Hollyn as well as how this song can apply to and influence your everyday life!

Now, because this is a rather long song, so I’m not going to go lyric by lyric explaining what it means to us. Instead, I’ve picked some of my favorite parts, and I shall elaborate on those and their meaning.

I hear you whisper to me to give you all control
Some days it’s harder for me just to let it go
I just need to step out and step into your flow

Steady Me starts out with a reminder to surrender your all to Christ. To stop your worries, your rushing, your frantic calculating and considering, and just rest in God’s wonderful Word. We need to step back, hand the wheel to God, and let Him take control. Instead of coming up with what seems to us a wonderful plan, then charging forwards to try and complete it on our own, we need to hand our decisions over to Christ and let Him tell us what to do.

Only you know how to steady me
Ready my heart for everything that’s coming my way
Help me trust that you’re ahead of me
Going before my feet with every step I take

Once we submit to Him, we have to trust Him. This can be one of the hardest things, because it means that when something goes wrong, when we are hurting, we need to look to Heaven and tell God, “I know you’re in control. Right now, this is really hard. But You have a bigger plan, and I will trust You no matter what happens.”

We view this life from one, tiny little perspective. Like one block in a pixelated picture, we see just a tiny bit of what is happening. God, on the other had, can view everything at once. He knows what is happening, and He has an ultimate plan. So as hard as it may feel to surrender to him and believe in the things unseen, we must.

Everybody wants to tell me what I need to do
The only one I need to be listening to is you
So I’ma take your hand and I’ma let you lead me through

These lines, taken out of context, could seem alarming. However, if one applies them to the musical community, or really just the general pressure of society itself, which is constantly pushing so many non-Christian values, they make perfect sense. We cannot cave in to the current social values just because it’ll make someone happy or prevent an argument.

That doesn’t mean that we should go argument-mongering online. It simply means that when we come into a conflict between ever-changing, fickle, society and the holy, perfect Word of the Creator of the Universe, well, it’s kind of obvious which one we should pick. Therefor, we need to take God’s hand and let Him lead us through this crazy life, because He will guide us correctly.

And only you can keep me calm
Only you can see me through
Only you can set me free

This is so true. Sure, you may find something that appears for a time to calm you or free you from the restraints of this life. However, in the end that will prove to be worthless, and quite often very damaging.

But trusting in our Savior and giving Him all control will indeed calm us and set us free. Will life be easy? No! But with God by our side we can know that, no matter how hard things get, He is there, and He cares for us.

I hope that this was an interesting and helpful Reflection! Until next time,

– Julia Elizabeth