Interview with an Immortal

Interview with an Immortal

Well, this weeks post is going to be slightly different than usual. Instead of an informative or encouraging post, I’ve written up an interview between a fictional young author and an immortal warrior (also fictional).

The immortal warrior in the interview is in fact one of the main characters in my current novel, and this is my version of a ‘character interview’ to get you all acquainted with one of my characters 😉

So, without further ado, here’s this week’s post!


The Timeless Periodical

  Hello again, dear readers. Yep, it’s me, Alessandra Ash, your favourite young journalist for the Timeless. This week has been incredibly eventful. I wandered the markets of our lovely city for a day, fixed the lighting in my bed room, and baked cookies. Amazing, right?

  But of course, that’s not what you want to read about. No, the reason you’re reading this is (most likely) because last issue I promised that my next piece of writing would be an interview with an immortal warrior.

  Not the most original thing, I know. But the Timeless hasn’t done one of these in ages and this particular interview is aimed specifically at helping young people learn more about the Immortalized.

  And, although most people here at the Timeless were incredibly skeptical about my chances, I did manage to get my interview, and I must say it was both very enjoyable and very illuminating.

  I spoke with Ria Swann, who has protected our beautiful world of Nyawa for over five thousand years, and was one of the main factors in protecting the nearby city of Milagros from a nasty attack of vicious creatures, including dozens of Gryphem and Serpient.

  But enough of my blathering. It’s time for the interview.


Q. Let’s start with introductions. It’s no fun to interview someone if you don’t know a bit about them first. Can you tell me a few interesting facts about yourself?

A. Of course, though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to come up with many. First, I suppose, there’s my collection of weapons. I have over three hundred different kinds of weapons gathered at the moment, and I’m working on expanding the collection. I’ve accumulated weapons from near the beginning of time up to this very day.

Other interesting facts… I tend to spend most of my free time (when I’m not training or fighting off something or other) doing carpentry or discussing science and logic. Also, if I wasn’t an Immortalized, I believe I would go into carpentry.

Q. Carpentry? That’s… quite a change from being an immortal protector of the world. On that note, what is your favourite part of being an Immortalized? What do you enjoy most?

A. Surprisingly, that question isn’t as hard to answer as I first assumed it would be. Of course, that is likely because I’ve had to answer it the dozen other times I was interviewed.

My answer, I suppose, is that I love helping people who aren’t able to help themselves, saving people who couldn’t do it on their own. And because I’m immortal I’m able to keep helping people in ways that most other people wouldn’t. It’s a very unique and empowering experience.

Q. Very true. What are some of the most interesting things that you have done while helping people?

A. There are dozens of answers to this question. Recently, during an operation that happened just a few decades ago, I had a funeral. It really isn’t an uncommon occurrence for Immortalized, considering that we can really die for a few hours. I’ve played the murder target dozens of times.

Unfortunately, this time my body rejuvenated and I Awoke before the burial ceremony happened. Meaning that I was fully awake and aware of everything that was going on during my burial. Of course, there was a false bottom in the casket so I slipped out after the viewing was over, and they really just buried an empty box of wood.

Another time I got to play three parts in the same assignment, because we were rather understaffed. The only reason I could pull it off was thanks to Wren’s brilliant disguise technology and some good old tricks of the trade that drastically changed how I looked.

There was also a mission that I spent thirty two years on, developing several characters, creating their backgrounds, and then making them all mysteriously disappear. That was one of the longest missions I’ve been on.

Q. What are the tools of the trade that you use the most, and which is your favourite?

A. Well, each Immortalized has a device on their wrist that is part tracker, part communications device. They’re necessary to prevent an Immortalized from getting trapped in a cycle of death, such as if they were stuck constantly being crushed by a boulder, then rejuvenating only to be crushed again. The tracking device allows us to locate them and send a rescue mission.

Another interesting bit of technology is the set of gloves and knee pads developed by my friend Psy. Using a process very similar to some creatures in the lower southern regions, they allow the wearer to crawl up walls and on ceilings, and are great fun for practical jokes, as well as just plain useful.

My overall favourite piece of equipment, however, is the set of compact gliders that Wren, a member of my team, created. The glider’s wings and compressed propeller system can fit inside of a small knapsack, yet when you pull on the correct strings and press the right buttons, it folds out into a beautiful and useful method of quick transportation.

Q. What are your working conditions and the people you work with like?

A. The working conditions are typically life threatening, if not lethal. The environment generally includes high stress on my part, intense physical exertion, and the necessity of improvisation in everything I do. Also, I often end up with several people shooting at me.

Of course, that’s only for the ‘brawn’ part of the assignments. Generally there will be no small amount of acting required, as I often have to develop and play a role to further my plan. Also, before the mission I spend days, if not weeks, planning all the little things with my team.

As for the people I work with, that would be my team. Every Immortalized is a part of a team, and each team differs in what their members specialize in and how many of them there are. My team is rather small, a seven member troupe which I lead, and also handpicked.

We concentrate on liberation, protection, and apprehension. You won’t see us doing many of the incredibly long jobs that involve dozens of deep plots and weaving web upon web of lies, though I’ve partnered with other teams before to work on such missions.

All the members of my team have their own quirks, and their own interests. However, it didn’t take us long to work out our differences and learn how to work best with one another. We now operate like a well oiled machine, and are more like family than coworkers.

Q. Intriguing. What skills would you say you have found to be the most useful during your missions?

A. As I mentioned earlier, improvisation is incredibly helpful. Being able to think on your feet, understand the whole situation, and know what losses you are or aren’t able to accept are all things that I have found invaluably useful.

A general understanding of geography, science, transportation, human motivation, languages, and many other things has proven very helpful. And of course an extensive and practical knowledge and application of hand to hand combat, and the use of long range weapons are both priceless things to know.

Q. What does as normal day look like to you?

A. No day is normal for me. There is rarely a routine. Quite often I’ll be in the middle of a job, meaning my day could be anything from observing a mark for hours to fighting hordes of Gryphem. When I’m not on a job, much of my time is devoted to training any possible new recruits or those who want to join the mortal task forces.

If I do get a bit of time to myself, I often spend it doing personal training, studying, working on my carpentry or other artistic skills, or spending time with my friends. The library in the Immortalized barracks is quite extensive, and I’ve found it to be an incredible way to pass the time.

Q. What advice or insight would you tell someone who wanted to join the Immortalized?

A. Train. Train long and hard as much as you can. Your age doesn’t matter, anyone between the fifteen and forty can be initiated as an Immortal. So train in preparation for the day when they choose who will join the Immortalized.

Also, don’t just focus on fighting when you train. Study all aspects of things related to the Immortalized. Healing, logic, reasoning, geography, it will all come in useful. Proving that you don’t get startled easily, can keep your head in stressful situations, and have some amount of confidence is also important.

As a final note, consider joining one of the mortal task forces that polices the cities and greater country areas. They are trained by Immortalized, and often we look for possible recruits when working with new task force members.


  Well, there you have it folks. My interview with an Immortal. I hope it was enlightening, and maybe even convinced some of you to try and join our lovely immortal protectors.

  Stay tuned for next week’s article, which is going to be an inspirational piece on Qadira’s thesis of irrational methodology. (Great fun, right? But it doubles as a school essay so that’s what I’m publishing.)


And… another blog post finished. I hope as much as the fictional writer of this fictional interview does that you all enjoyed it. And don’t worry, I’m not going to do my next post on a fictional thesis by a fictional person 😉 

Until next time!