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Inside Their Heads – A Teen’s Perspective on Parenting

Why A Teen’s Perspective On Parenting
Is Worth Listening To

The teen years are some of the hardest years, for both the teenager and the parent, as our lives go through dozens of changes. Modern society and media have not helped with this, as many teens and parents are led to expect arguments about the most trivial of things, and therefore immediately jump to the defensive.

These arguments and misunderstandings between parents and teens generally lead to resentment, which leads to more arguments. However, many of them just are misunderstandings. Sometimes they’re the parent’s fault, other times, they’re the teen’s fault. Either way, many of them could be avoided if both sides paused to consider what the other is thinking.

Arguments, however, aren’t the only problem that parents may have while trying to instruct and teach their teens even while attempting to let them grow into a mature, responsible, and caring adult who is capable of making their own choices. Dozens of problems can crop up when parenting.

Now, I don’t claim to be a parenting expert. I’m just a thirteen year old fiction author who loves horses, writing, and randomness. However, I happen to be a teen. That means that I know how teens think (…or at least how I as a teen think. But I’m a rather odd teen, so my opinion will not cover all other teens’ opinions.).

This blog series isn’t a how-to-parent-your-kids instructional. It isn’t a detailed study of how teens think. It’s just one teenager’s perspective on nurturing your child into a mature and responsible adult, and I sincerely hope that it will help you to better understand your kids.

However, that doesn’t mean that this series is specifically for parents. Teens, I’d love to hear your perspective on my perspective, because whatever I write will be specifically what I notice and feel, so getting other opinions would be wonderful!

Well, there you go. I’m still working on the order of posts for this, so I don’t have any definite list of what I’m going to be writing in the next few months. However, you can probably expect two or more posts a month.

Until the next time I remember to post something,