Easter's Light - Hope on the horizon

Easter’s Light – A (very late) Easter Poem

Easter’s Light

By J. Elizabeth

Black sky, cold wind. Dark days, dark nights. Frozen ground, bleak land.
Our broken hearts are aching, aching as the world falls apart.
And as the man we admired, nails now piercing each hand,
Is hung on a cross, until breath leaves his lungs and beating flees his heart.
And in a cave they put him, for him a tomb so bleak and bland.
Surely the world cannot go on, nor it’s heavenly path restart.

Yet that is not the end, for on the horizon I see a light.
Some frail hope reaches out, barely shining through the gloom.
Brighter it grows, shining with brilliant glow and startling might.
I turn my path towards it, running to the cave, staring at the tomb,
Where once he lay, entombed in rock, stone keeping him from our sight.
Yet now the stone is rolled away, no longer guarding it’s dismal room.

And standing just beyond it, shining with glory, He is there!
Jesus, the son of God. King of Kings, shepherd to the lost, he waits.
His arms are open, his heart is patient, full of love and care.
He is the Son, risen again. Through His death, all sin He negates,
If you but believe in Him, his loving care. His truthful peace, His ability to repair.
Then, when time comes, and life does end, He shall welcome you to Heaven’s gates.

Hope at Easter

I know, I know. Prose is one of my many shortcomings. I think I need to read the dictionary a bit more often. However, Mom asked me and my siblings to all write poems on hope, and I figured that it would work well enough as an Easter poem, too, even if the timing is rather off. I do hope that you enjoyed my work. Happy Easter

– Julia Elizabeth


  • Susan

    I accept this as your poem on hope, dear Julia.
    I appreciate your style, it has a timeless feel to it.
    There is one typo…
    Love you!!

    • Julia Elizabeth

      What??? Where??? *runs off to find typo* 😉 Glad it counts!I I was kind of worried it wouldn’t… Love you too, Mom!!