Funny Snippets – A Silly Short Story

  Yes! I’m actually alive! I know, it’s shocking. I’ve been gone forever. Sorry about that! I’ve got a great list of excuses, if you want to hear any of them! Though there’s really just one word that sums up why I was gone. And no, it’s not ‘Christmas.’ It also isn’t ‘holidays.’ Actually, it’s procrastination. (;

 Yep,  that’s it. I’ve been procrastinating writing on here. But no fear! I shall be trying to write much more consistently on here, with one or two articles coming out a week. Now, on to the story that this post is supposed to be! I hope that you enjoy it. It’s just a little snippet I wrote a while back based off of a writing prompt I saw.


I walked into the room, then froze. Ava was sitting at my desk, playing around with several small vials.

“What are you doing?” I burst out, eyes wide, rushing towards her.

“Don’t worry.” She smiled at me charmingly. “I double checked, and it’s definitely illegal. Honestly, I’m surprised you have such dangerous chemicals in your lab.”

I groaned, trying to grab the vials away from her. She held them out of my reach.

“You know,” I lunged for the vials full of strange liquids, prying them out of her hand. “Just because you’re a criminal doesn’t mean everything you do has to be illegal.”

Ava adopted a wide-eyed innocent expression that wouldn’t fool anyone.

“I’m a perfectionist.” She replied. “I’d hate to mess up my perfect record of crimes with something legal.”

I rolled my eyes, looking down at the vials.

“What were you doing, anyways?” I asked.

She shrugged, saying, “Nothing big.”

By the smug smile on her face I had a slight feeling it was something big. I furrowed my brow, looking over the mixture of chemicals and formulas scattered over my desk. I sighed. It would take weeks to sort this all out. “You see.” Ava continued. “I thought that if I mixed these two thingys with a bit of that, and maybe some of this, it would make a new kind of knockout gas.”

I groaned. “Ava, did you read any of these notes around here?”

“Of course not! That would be work.” She replied.

I sighed. This was one of the downsides of working with a criminal. But I’d need her help if I was going to save my brother. However, I decided I’d need to keep her away from my scientific equipment.

“That wouldn’t work.” I began. “You see-”

“I think it would.” Ava interrupted. She hated being wrong. “If you add them at the right times, like this-” she grabbed one of the vials, pouring it into a bowl, “-and then-”

“What are you doing!?” I burst out.

However, it was too late. Ava had added the last vial. A lump of greenish goo erupted from the bowl, splattering across the room. More began pouring from the bowl. We fled the room, trailing green goo.

“Alright.” I coughed up some of the goo. “Rule number three. No playing with my science equipment. For that matter, no touching my science equipment.”

I didn’t expect Ava to keep it. She was always breaking rules. To my surprise however, Ava looked into the room, nodding to herself.

“Well, I think you’re actually right, for once. I probably shouldn’t even go in there anymore.”

I smiled. Perhaps I’d finally get some peace from her constant, almost insistent rule breaking. “Which means I won’t be able to clean up, either.”

My jaw dropped. “What-” I began.

“I’d better go wash this stuff off. And you should probably start cleaning. I’d hate to see what happens when that stuff dries.” She smiled charmingly at me again before skipping off.