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Weekly Encouragement – Inspired to Make a Difference

 Consistency is not one of my virtues. This is completely irrelevant to my post, I just thought it would be worth pointing out to anyone who hasn’t yet noticed. 

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The teen years can be difficult.

They often feel depressing. Confusing. Frustrating. Not all of the time, that is for sure. But when the times of conflict come, the world can seem a dark and forbidding place.

The teen years can also be life changing. World changing. One of your greatest chances to make a difference, whether big or small, in the world.

Yet this isn’t always easy to see, especially when the aforementioned darkness comes. There are often times when the world seems so hopeless and evil that our dreams seem like they will never come true. I’ve been there. I know that everyone can use a little encouragement and motivation now and then, and I want to provide some.

Motivated to make a difference,
Encouraged to keep going.

My goal, with this new series of posts I’m beginning to put out is to encourage teens to do great things. Early in my teen years,  I was motivated to make a difference in the world, and I want to share that with others, as well as encourage those who feel the pull to do more and be more.

So if you’re feeling down, lonely, uninspired, or just in need of some motivation and encouragement, continue reading, and keep an eye out for new encouragement each Friday!

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Now that I’ve explained the gist of this new goal, on with the encouragement!


I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

– Philippians 4:13

When things get too hard, when the world seems to conspire against you, and when your ideas seem impossible to achieve, think back to this verse. ‘I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

All things. Does this mean that if you’re a Christian you should go jump off of a tall tower because God will help you fly? No. This means that when God gives you a goal, He will help you to achieve it, He will give you the tools, help, and encouragement necessary to complete it.

Your dreams are not hopeless. If God has given you a goal, He will help you. He will not abandon you. There is hope.

  I know this is rather short for an encouraging message, and don’t worry, the upcoming ones will be longer! Until next time,

–  Julia Elizabeth