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    Fireworks – Guest Post by Bella B.

    *squeals in excitement* Just in case that wasn’t enough of a cue, I’m very excited for this post. Not because of my continued consistency (even though I managed to be consist despite my computer crashing today!!). Actually, I’m excited about this because it’s a short story written by my friend Bella B. She’s a fellow young writer passionate about writing for the Lord. This story is about two of the main characters from her current dystopian work-in-progress, and is absolutely adorable! (= – – – Cody sat expectantly at the edge of his bed, trying to hold his excitement down as he forced himself to wait a few more moments…

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    No Ordinary Youth Part 3! (youth group with superheroes)

    *waves wildly to get your attention, jumping up and down in excitement* Guess what?? This is my- (wait a second, I need to go count to make sure I’ve got this right) -fifth consistent post in a row!! I feel so proud of myself… 😂 This also happens to be the third (and finally last) part of my youth-group-with-superheroes story! You can find the first part here, and the second part over here. Now… enjoy the story! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it at the end. – – – I lasted almost until the end of the second round, though eventually Maddison caught up with and tagged me. The…

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    No Ordinary Youth Part 2!! (youth group with superheroes)

    Hi, guys! It’s me again (I don’t know who else it would be, actually). And yes, I said ‘again,’ because this is my third post in a row! Isn’t this consistency getting boring? I really should try to write less often. Well, this is the second part of my youth-group-with-superheroes-because-that’s-not-random-at-all story! If you haven’t already read it, I’d recommend checking out the first part of this story before reading this 😉 Anyways, enough of my ramblings. On with the story, and I hope you all enjoy!   – – – Faith started to lower her forcefield towards the ground. Not wanting to wait, I leaped off, spreading my large purple…

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    No Ordinary Youth 1 (Youth Group with Superheroes)

    Hello, wonderful readers! I find myself once again needing to apologize for being incredibly inconsistent… and yet again, my only excuse is life. Usually, this would be the part of my post where I assure you that I’ll be more consistent. But since that has failed each time I’ve tried, I’m not going to say that.  Instead, I’m going to let you read this story that I’ve spent the past few weeks working on. I was inspired to write it after going to youth group (what a surprise). Somehow while at I was there, my mind combined the superhero stories I love reading, with the amazing chaos of youth group.…

  • Interview with an Immortal

    Interview with an Immortal

    Well, this weeks post is going to be slightly different than usual. Instead of an informative or encouraging post, I’ve written up an interview between a fictional young author and an immortal warrior (also fictional). The immortal warrior in the interview is in fact one of the main characters in my current novel, and this is my version of a ‘character interview’ to get you all acquainted with one of my characters 😉 So, without further ado, here’s this week’s post!   The Timeless Periodical   Hello again, dear readers. Yep, it’s me, Alessandra Ash, your favourite young journalist for the Timeless. This week has been incredibly eventful. I wandered…

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  • Easter's Light - Hope on the horizon

    Easter’s Light – A (very late) Easter Poem

    Easter’s Light By J. Elizabeth Black sky, cold wind. Dark days, dark nights. Frozen ground, bleak land. Our broken hearts are aching, aching as the world falls apart. And as the man we admired, nails now piercing each hand, Is hung on a cross, until breath leaves his lungs and beating flees his heart. And in a cave they put him, for him a tomb so bleak and bland. Surely the world cannot go on, nor it’s heavenly path restart. Yet that is not the end, for on the horizon I see a light. Some frail hope reaches out, barely shining through the gloom. Brighter it grows, shining with brilliant…

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    Funny Snippets – A Silly Short Story

      Yes! I’m actually alive! I know, it’s shocking. I’ve been gone forever. Sorry about that! I’ve got a great list of excuses, if you want to hear any of them! Though there’s really just one word that sums up why I was gone. And no, it’s not ‘Christmas.’ It also isn’t ‘holidays.’ Actually, it’s procrastination. (;  Yep,  that’s it. I’ve been procrastinating writing on here. But no fear! I shall be trying to write much more consistently on here, with one or two articles coming out a week. Now, on to the story that this post is supposed to be! I hope that you enjoy it. It’s just a…

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    Prologue ( which translates to “Teaser” which translates to “I am evil” )

    Well, here’s the first little bit from My-Story-That-Doesn’t-Currently-Have-A-Title. I hope you enjoy! Prologue A fire flickered in the grate, slowly dying, barely lighting the small room. The one window set in the wall let in no light, for its wooden shutters were closed against the impending dark. Although two chairs sat close to the fire, the only to occupants of the dim room stood. They faced each other, faces partially shadowed, neither speaking as a tense silence filled the room.