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Blog Launch & Character Interview with Kaylee Harrison!

Hello, lovely readers! Today I’m very excited to tell you that I’m part of a blog launch for Kaylee Harrison, a fellow young writer (=

So for this weeks post, you’re all going to get to read a bit about her new blog, A. Kaylee’s Kind of Writes 2.0, plus an awesome character interview!

First off, before you do anything else, before you even finish this post, go check out her blog, A. Kaylee’s Kind of Writes 2.0 where you can find snippets of her writing, information about her novels, poetry, and more!


And one last thing before we continue… click here to join her giveaway, where you’ll have the chance to win an awesome, bookworm-ish shirt!

A bit about Kaylee…

Abigail writes under the pen name Kaylee since Abigail is a pretty popular name (Seeing as she’s in a group of Abigails in a writing community she thought that Kaylee would stand out more).

She’s a Christian homeschooling bookworm who enjoys writing and blogging(obviously), digital designing, listening to music, reading, and looking at the stars!


Character interview starring Nicholas from Mission: Peace Protection!

– Who are you closest to and why?

           Smiling sadly. “I am closest to my Uncle Liam, he’s more like a brother though since he’s only twelve years older than me, we share the same birthdate and we live in the same house, eh, palace! He’s always been there for me, especially when my brother died.”

– What is your job and do you enjoy it? Why?

           Eyes lighting up he said, “I’m a spy, so don’t tell anyone.” Laughing lightly. “I enjoy the protecting and helping side of being a spy but sometimes it wares on me!”

– What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

           Looking away he attempted to hide the tears gathering in his eyes. “Um, this isn’t a very child friendly answer . . . but I am truthful so I’ll come right out and say it! Watching my brother die was the hardest thing I ever had to do!”

– What are some of your favourite things? Some of your least favourite things?

           “My favorite thing to do when with my family is to play games on Sundays. My favorite food is a ranch Dorito and Italian dressing sandwich. My favorite book is Through All Things by a guy named Malachi Cry. Finally, my favorite past-time is swimming on the beach.” Clasping and unclasping his hands.

– What is one thing you would say to your author?

           Stares down at his hands “Well, if I could say anything to my author it would be why did she kill off my brother! He’s my best friend and was going to be the main character, until she got it into her head that we were better off without him! It was useless for her to kill him off!” Glares at his author.

There you go! I hope that post was enjoyable, and encouraged you to go and support another young writer.