Intro to “By the Book”

Books… More Than An Indulgence?

I love books.

This (hopefully) won’t come as a surprise, since one of my many goals is to become a published author. However, I feel that often books are simply regarded as pleasure. Something to fill up our spare time with, or to use as an escape from the craziness of the stranger-than-fiction thing we call ‘real life’.

Yet this couldn’t be more incorrect! Books are so much more than a simple pleasure or escape from life. They are supposed to be beautifully crafted pieces of art written to both delight our sense of adventure as well as teach us valuable things about the world, morality, and truth.

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Best Fiction Books I’ve Read

Well, hello again peoples of the internet!

I’m glad you decided to read this. For the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been quite random with my blog posts, posting something and then completely forgetting about it.

 That’s all about to change. I’m working on a blog schedule, so you shall be getting weekly posts from me, along with occasional but random character art and fictional stories!

Anyways, now that I’ve updated you, on to the post!

This list is full of some of my favorite fiction books I’ve read over the past few years. They all teach wonderful lessons, and have been crafted incredibly well. Note that some of them can get rather violent, and several have content for older audiences. I’ll make sure to note which ones do, though.

Also, I’m not going to write summaries of them, because my summaries tend to go on for pages and include multiple spoilers… so, yeah. I’ll just write a little bit about them.

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The Importance of Failure


That’s probably one of the most feared words in our culture. Failure. Be it in the form of an ‘F’ on your test, a berating from someone you admire, or simply that disappointed look that you get when you let someone down. Failure is almost always dreaded and avoided.

So, of course, I’m writing a blog post on it. Go figure. Today, or tomorrow, or whenever you read this, I’m going to elaborate on why failing is important, what we gain from failing, and how we can learn from it.

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Funny Snippets – A Silly Short Story

  Yes! I’m actually alive! I know, it’s shocking. I’ve been gone forever. Sorry about that! I’ve got a great list of excuses, if you want to hear any of them! Though there’s really just one word that sums up why I was gone. And no, it’s not ‘Christmas.’ It also isn’t ‘holidays.’ Actually, it’s procrastination. (;

 Yep,  that’s it. I’ve been procrastinating writing on here. But no fear! I shall be trying to write much more consistently on here, with one or two articles coming out a week. Now, on to the story that this post is supposed to be! I hope that you enjoy it. It’s just a little snippet I wrote a while back based off of a writing prompt I saw.

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Talented… or just persistent?

Revealing the Popular Misconception known as ‘Talent.’

I sit at the table, sketching. My fingers smudge the graphite, turning the simple sketch into an actually somewhat acceptable drawing. Someone comes up behind me, looking over my shoulder at the picture.
“Wow.” They say, admiring the horse I’ve drawn, awe and longing filling their voice. “You’re so talented.”
I force myself to keep from facepalming and smile placidly.
They nod, continuing on down the table, and I sigh. Gritting my teeth in frustration, I grip my pencil, now wishing I’d thought to take the time to give them a lecture on my so-called ‘talent.’

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Prologue ( which translates to “Teaser” which translates to “I am evil” )

Well, here’s the first little bit from My-Story-That-Doesn’t-Currently-Have-A-Title. I hope you enjoy!


A fire flickered in the grate, slowly dying, barely lighting the small room. The one window set in the wall let in no light, for its wooden shutters were closed against the impending dark. Although two chairs sat close to the fire, the only to occupants of the dim room stood. They faced each other, faces partially shadowed, neither speaking as a tense silence filled the room.

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Greetings, Fellow Inhabitants of the Internet

Wow. I’ve been putting this off for far too long. Looks like I need to write my first blog post. But what to write? It’s not like I can just record my thoughts.

Well. Hi, fellow inhabitants of the internet. I’m Julia, and this is my blog where I will write stuff. Enjoy.

Hmm… no. That’s too unenthusiastic. How about this:

Hi, everybody!! I’m Jules, a young writer, and I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! Welcome to my blog, where I’m going to write-

No, that doesn’t work either. Too many exclamation marks. Let’s try this…

Hello, people. I’m Julia, a young author who-

Grrr! No, it’s not working. Why can’t I seem like myself?? And why on earth is it so hard just to write a simple blog post? *sigh* Maybe I should try again later…

 Hi, everyone! Julia Elizabeth here! I’m an excitable and hopeful young author who enjoys a wide variety of things, from writing and reading to horseback riding and baking. I’m delighted to finally have set up a blog, and I can’t wait to meet you guys!
I believe that everyone, even the most bland, boring, or unimportant person can do amazing things. I’m unashamedly a Christian, and I love our Lord Jesus with all of my heart. I find our current culture rather annoying, with their low expectations of teens and whatnot, and I want to help to change that. As stated in the tagline, this blog will mostly be my musings, thoughts, and stories, with occasional art. Hope you enjoy this fledgling blog!

Yours Truly,
Julia Elizabeth