• Twintinnabulation

    In Which The Twins Are Cute and My Family Is Funny

    Making this post was incredibly hard. Not because of lack of stories about the twins… but because I couldn’t pick just two funny pictures of them. Then I got a brilliant idea. I picked more than one picture to put in this post. Aren’t I clever? (sarcasm alert) Funny Faces… Some funny things simply can’t be described in words. That’s generally when pictures come in handy, and it turns out that this is one of those instances. The twins are ridiculously cute, but sometimes their cuteness is too funny for words. Hopefully these next few pictures help elaborate upon their cuteness. Dress up! Ellie found this wig at Oma’s house, and decided…

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    No Ordinary Youth Part 2!! (youth group with superheroes)

    Hi, guys! It’s me again (I don’t know who else it would be, actually). And yes, I said ‘again,’ because this is my third post in a row! Isn’t this consistency getting boring? I really should try to write less often. Well, this is the second part of my youth-group-with-superheroes-because-that’s-not-random-at-all story! If you haven’t already read it, I’d recommend checking out the first part of this story before reading this 😉 Anyways, enough of my ramblings. On with the story, and I hope you all enjoy!   – – – Faith started to lower her forcefield towards the ground. Not wanting to wait, I leaped off, spreading my large purple…

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    Blog Launch & Character Interview with Kaylee Harrison!

    Hello, lovely readers! Today I’m very excited to tell you that I’m part of a blog launch for Kaylee Harrison, a fellow young writer (= So for this weeks post, you’re all going to get to read a bit about her new blog, A. Kaylee’s Kind of Writes 2.0, plus an awesome character interview! First off, before you do anything else, before you even finish this post, go check out her blog, A. Kaylee’s Kind of Writes 2.0 where you can find snippets of her writing, information about her novels, poetry, and more!   And one last thing before we continue… click here to join her giveaway, where you’ll have…

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    No Ordinary Youth 1 (Youth Group with Superheroes)

    Hello, wonderful readers! I find myself once again needing to apologize for being incredibly inconsistent… and yet again, my only excuse is life. Usually, this would be the part of my post where I assure you that I’ll be more consistent. But since that has failed each time I’ve tried, I’m not going to say that.  Instead, I’m going to let you read this story that I’ve spent the past few weeks working on. I was inspired to write it after going to youth group (what a surprise). Somehow while at I was there, my mind combined the superhero stories I love reading, with the amazing chaos of youth group.…

  • Interview with an Immortal

    Interview with an Immortal

    Well, this weeks post is going to be slightly different than usual. Instead of an informative or encouraging post, I’ve written up an interview between a fictional young author and an immortal warrior (also fictional). The immortal warrior in the interview is in fact one of the main characters in my current novel, and this is my version of a ‘character interview’ to get you all acquainted with one of my characters 😉 So, without further ado, here’s this week’s post!   The Timeless Periodical   Hello again, dear readers. Yep, it’s me, Alessandra Ash, your favourite young journalist for the Timeless. This week has been incredibly eventful. I wandered…

  • The Importance of Support and Encouragement
    Book Corner

    The Importance of Support and Encouragement

    Goals are hard to accomplish And even harder when you’re on your own     Once upon a time… (Or two years ago…)  A young girl started writing stories. She’d always wanted to write, but had never managed to finish anything. This time, however, she was determined that she’d complete at least one story.  She spent hours pouring out her thoughts onto paper and writing her story. There were many times when she felt like giving up, like her writing would never be good enough. Thankfully for her, when those feelings came, she had a way to get rid of them and keep writing.  See, her parents knew about her…

  • Life is a race - Go and rest
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    Pit Stop – Take a rest during the race of life

    ‘And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,’ Writes the author of Hebrews. This is just one of the many times that the Bible refers to our lives as a race. Paul was especially fond of such references. Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.  – 1 Corinthians 9: 24 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  – 2 Timothy 4: 7 The list goes on and on. And it truly is an accurate analogy. Our life is a…

  • Finding Hope in the Big Picture
    Book Corner

    Joseph’s Story – Finding Hope in the Bigger Picture

    I love Joseph’s story. Starting in Genesis chapter 35, it follows the story of someone for whom everything seemed to go wrong. Sold into slavery by his own brothers, accused of a crime he didn’t commit, then thrown in jail for years, poor Joseph’s life seemed like a mess. In the end, however, God used Joseph’s trials to save a nation and reunite a family. It’s such a motivational and inspiring story, and it can be used to teach so many things. Forgiveness, God’s tendency to turn bad into good, in fact, it’s even something of a mirror of Christ’s story. However, today I’m going to focus on another aspect…

  • Do Hard Things! A call-to-action for all teens!
    Book Reviews

    Book Review – Do Hard Things by Brett & Alex Harris

    “Most people don’t expect you to understand what we’re going to tell you in this book. And even if you understand, they don’t expect you to care. And even if you care, they don’t expect you to do anything about it. And even if you do something about it, they don’t expect it to last. WE DO.” This statement is boldly written on the back of Do Hard Things, a motivational and inspiring book written by brothers Alex and Brett Harris, and the subject of today’s book review. and Do Hard Things changed my life. I got it for my 10th birthday, and started into it skeptically. After all, what…

  • Encouragement for Teens from Teens
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    Weekly Encouragement – Inspired to Make a Difference

     Consistency is not one of my virtues. This is completely irrelevant to my post, I just thought it would be worth pointing out to anyone who hasn’t yet noticed.  *  *  * The teen years can be difficult. They often feel depressing. Confusing. Frustrating. Not all of the time, that is for sure. But when the times of conflict come, the world can seem a dark and forbidding place. The teen years can also be life changing. World changing. One of your greatest chances to make a difference, whether big or small, in the world. Yet this isn’t always easy to see, especially when the aforementioned darkness comes. There are…